Frequently Asked Questions

[faq][toggle title=”What is the difference between a fridge van, chiller van and refrigerated van?” state=”collapsed”]There are many terms used to describe refrigerated vehicles which can cause a lot of confusion. Essentially the most important information we need is whether you need the temperature of your van to hold chilled or frozen produce, this will help us determine the type of vehicle you require.[/toggle][toggle title=”What is the difference between a fridge van and freezer van?” state=”collapsed”]Our refrigeration conversion temperatures range from 0˚c to +8˚c where as our frozen spec conversions temperatures can be brought down as low as -18˚c.[/toggle][toggle title=”Why do I need frozen spec instead of chilled?” state=”in”]The more information you give us regarding the product you will be carrying, how many drops you will do doing during the course of the day, how far you will be travelling etc. the easier it will be for our team to define what conversion will best suit your product.[/toggle][toggle title=”Do I need standby on my fridge van?” state=”collapsed”]Standby is beneficial to our clients who need the option to plug the refrigeration unit into mains power when the vehicle is parked up. This allows you to pre-cool the vehicle prior to loading which means when the product is loaded the fridge unit is simply maintaining the temperature rather than working to cool the body. Alternatively the vehicle can be loaded and left plugged into the mains to be used as extra storage capacity or simply left until it is ready to go out.[/toggle][toggle title=”Do you deliver?” state=”collapsed”]We endeavour to cater to all our client’s needs by offering “free delivery” on all new vehicles (excludes used and rentals). Regrettably due to the rises in fuel costs this is only possible within a certain catchment area, beyond this prices may vary from £50-£200, please click here for more information.[/toggle][toggle title=”Will there be any log book retention?” state=”collapsed”]Absolutely no log book retention![/toggle][toggle title=”What extras can I have on my van? ” state=”collapsed”]We offer many optional conversion extras from thermal strip curtains to internal bulkheads, for more information please see our van conversion extras here.[/toggle][toggle title=”Do you offer finance?” state=”collapsed”]Yes, we are able to offer finance lease, hire purchase and contract hire.[/toggle][toggle title=”Can you convert a vehicle I did not buy from you?” state=”collapsed”]If you already own a vehicle you want to convert to a fridge van we are able to complete the conversion for you.[/toggle][toggle title=”Are you open weekends?” state=”collapsed”]Yes, our sales office and workshop are open on Saturdays from 9am-1pm.[/toggle][/faq]